The Day We Adopted Our First Rescue Dog - Tyson

Adopt Tyson

We at Royal Alpha Pack are true believers in adopting rescue dogs. With so many beautiful, charismatic dogs available to help, why shop when you can adopt!
It breaks our hearts to hear of people paying crazy prices for dogs (normally of a specific breed based on a misled myth). Especially when so many dogs are in need of a home and shelter. By buying dogs from a breeder you are encouraging this, whilst also helping contribute to the ever growing number of rescue shelters.
With so many shelters and dogs available, from puppies to elderly dogs in rescue shelters. You are certain to find the perfect buddy for you and your family. Plus the gratitude you will receive from them is incomparable.
I can share our own story of how we adopted Tyson, our first rescue dog. A day I will never forget. We actually went to our local shelter with a specific dog in mind we had seen that we wanted to help. A 3 year old boxer named E.T. who had quite an overbite. Yet when we arrived we found he had already been adopted by a lovely couple.
We did not let this stop us from adopting. So with a change of plan we continued to look around the shelter and decided to go for a puppy instead. The shelter had so many pens, holding a plethora of rescue dogs of all shapes and sizes.  We walked overwhelmed till we reached the puppy pen.
Walking into the puppy pen we were immediately surrounded by almost a hundred of the cutest little puppies. They were all clamouring at us for a cuddle and licking our ankles and hands when reaching down. To say we were overwhelmed was an understatement, we wanted to adopt them all!!
We decided to bide our time and soak in this beautiful, unique yet heart wrenching experience. How on earth were we going to pick only one from so many?! Cuteness overload would be a huge understatement.
After a good 10 minutes roaming the large pen surrounded by adorableness, we decided to sit on a rock and choose. But we still had around 20 puppies desperate to give us their love lapping at our feet.
It was at this moment, I look down, and only a short distance from my foot. I see this gorgeous brown puppy sitting on his hind legs staring at me with these huge beautiful brown eyes. It was cuter than puss in boots in the film Shrek. I couldn't take my eyes off him, and vice versa! This gorgeous little pup sitting so tranquil among the chaos around him. And he was looking straight into my soul!
He had these big bat-like ears and beautiful brown fur, but it was his demeanour that won us over. I reached down to pet him and there was an instant connection, this truly was love at first site and touch. He warmed to us instantly, we knew this was the puppy for us.
After picking this cutey up we spoke to the shelter owners and told them of our decision. He was then vaccinated (and neutered at a later date) by the shelter for a small fee. It was all very easy.
We had no idea what breed he was, the shelter had guessed a Podenco (he wasn't). Eventually we found out he was a Belgian Malinois after many months, and quite a lot of growing!
With our new found friend, a Belgian Malinois named 'Tyson' (after one of the best boxers of all time!), we began our lives together. A mischievous yet super bright dog. Tyson has brought us so much joy and continues to do so. This has not been without hard work and consistent training and a regular routine is essential.
The stories of how we adopted our other two are very different and we will share this story at a later date.
We love our rescue dog Tyson.
We would not change him for the world.
This is why we want to share the love that he has given us.
Please help a rescue dog or a rescue shelter.

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